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Root Canals

Many of our Clark patients feel anxiety over the thought of a root canal. The procedure has a reputation for being uncomfortable or even painful, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Root canals are the alternative to removing damaged or diseased teeth, and Dr. Joseph Preziosi is committed to giving his patients a comfortable and stress-free root canal experience.

Quality Care for Damaged Teeth

If the nerve of a tooth has been damaged, or if the tooth pulp is in some way compromised, a root canal can alleviate the pain. The pain from the effected tooth is what the patients feel, not the root canal procedure itself! During a root canal, the damaged nerve and pulp is removed, and then the tooth is cleaned and sealed to prevent further decay.


It is important to our team that patients have flexibility in terms of payment. Dr. Preziosi accepts traditional methods of payment, as well as monthly financing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.